The Manitou Loft is unavailable for bookings from June 2017 until further notice.

In addition to three beaches with shower and washroom facilities along with playgrounds for the children there are many more opportunities to enjoy Manitou beach :

Manitou Springs and Spa

Indulge in the luxurious Manitou Springs Resort and Mineral Spa.  Relax in the healing waters of Manitou; legendary for its natural, mineral rich properties and curative powers.  A European spa in the heart of Canada’s prairie.

Manitou Beach Golf Club

Great for beginners and seasoned golfers this 9-hole golf course is bordered by mature trees and a beautiful walk of 3, 048 yards, par 36 with a 119 slope rating for mean and a 114 slope rating for women.  The large tournament facility can accommodate 150 people and is equipped with barbeques, a kitchen and bar.


From the big band era through decades of country music, Danceland has been host to many musical greats.  Once a seasonal venue, Danceland now offers year-round entertainment. 10,000 sq. feet and original horsehair flooring for everyone to kick their heels on.

Jubilee Drive-In

One of only three drive-in theatres left in Saskatchewan, providing the opportunity to watch and outdoor movie under the prairie night sky.  It is open weekends from May through October and every night during the summer months of July and August.

Inquiries and to Reserve the Manitou Loft  (click here)

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